Why women pull away from men

img_cheating_wifeDisagreements between partners are inevitable, but how you cope with arguments and conflicts can either make your relationship stronger or cause severe, irreparable damage. Women are sensitive creatures, and when an issue is deeply bothering her, she will want to deal with it with her partner’s help. Women like to nurture others and improve their surroundings, while men have a mindset that tells them, ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’

Getting to know your partner is important in any relationship, and understanding why women pull away from men will help you understand your partner when she seems distant from you.

There are several reasons why women pull away from men in relationship:

  • Not enough communication - women need to be able to communicate with their partner to work out differences. While men need time alone to figure out a solution to a problem, women need to talk it out in order to work it out. If men avoid communicating with their partners and don’t lend an open ear, it’s likely their partners will pull away and give them the ‘silent treatment.’ If you are not in a mindset to listen to her, tell her so, but make sure you let her know you will come back later to talk to her when you are able to listen to, and follow through on it.
  • Women receive little or no support and encouragement - women will pull away from men if they are not receiving support from them. Women need to feel adequate and that they are ‘good enough’ for their men. Showing support in her decisions and letting her know you are always in her corner will help her feel closer to you. It will also build trust, because she will know that you are always there for her. If she spent the entire day painting the kitchen, tell her she did a good job and that it looks good, even if she made a mistake.
  • Household chores are the woman’s responsibility - all aspects of a relationship should be shared between partners. Some women are able to stay home full-time and raise the children, while her husband or partner works to make the money. In that situation, women usually handle the majority of the domestic responsibilities. However, many women have to work full-time to help support her partner’s income in order to keep the bills paid. Because some men have this old-fashioned belief regarding women and household chores, they expect the women to work full-time and still maintain the household duties. If you are a man who believes this, it’s likely your partner will become angry and pull away from you. Offer to help her with some of the chores; don’t wait for her to ask for your help.
  • He makes comments about her weight - most women are self-conscious about their bodies, especially if they have had children. Having babies is an amazing experience, but with it comes extra baby fat, stretch marks, and sagging breasts. If your partner has become overweight, do not, under any circumstance, tease her or make rude comments about it. Instead, think of activities you can do that she will enjoy and invite her to join you. Buy a set of bicycles and take bike rides with her. Take your dogs (if you have any) for a walk together each day. Choose activities that will increase her activity.
  • He tries to solve all her problems - sometimes, a woman just needs to talk. She might come home at the end of the day, frustrated about something that happened at work. She knows her job and knows what she needs to do to solve the problems at her job. She doesn’t need you to solve her problems for her. Do not give her unsolicited advice, unless she asks for your opinion. Listen to her without appearing preoccupied with other things. Give her consistent eye contact and respond with positive responses like ‘uh huh’ and ‘I hear you’ so she’s feels like you’re interested in her and that you’re paying attention to her.
  • Not enough quality time - all relationships require quality time between partners. Quality time is time devoted just between partners, away from children and normal responsibilities. Schedule regular date nights with your wife. Hire a babysitter for the evening and cook her a romantic dinner at home. Give her some time to talk after work every day, and make sure she has your undivided attention (that means shut off the football game). This will help her to feel important.
  • He has been dishonest with her - nothing breaks trust with a woman faster than lying to her. If you went to the bar after work to have a couple drinks with Bill, then don’t go home and tell her you had to work late. Level with her. Even is she becomes angry at your actions, at least she will still know she can trust you because you tell her the truth, no matter what.
  • Don’t compare her to her mother or your ex-girlfriends - she is unique and is her own person. Women do not appreciate being compared to ex-girlfriends. It causes them to be angry and feel inadequate. And, they especially don’t want to be compared to their mother. The tongue is the most dangerous weapon on the human body. Use it with caution.

If any of these factors are present in a relationship, then it is likely the woman will pull away from her man. Has your woman pulled away from you? If your wife or girlfriend seems distant, is giving you the silent treatment, or is turning you away sexually, consider the above tips to fix the relationship issues with her. If you truly love her, then it will show in the sacrifices you make to stay connected with her.

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